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PSC 605 – - Page 1

PSC 605 – 5.1 Channel Multimedia Soundcard The Philips Sonic Edge 5.1™ soundcard is part of the award winning Edge series – the world’s first soundcards to transform all stereo signals from CDs, MP3s and PC-games into 5.1 distinct channels utilizing QMSS™ technology. Target customers: Gamers, DVD watchers and PC Audio users who want great quality 5.1 surround channel audio on their PC at an affordable price level. Ease of use, the latest technology and the listening experience are the most important factors. State-of-the-art software asks how many speakers are selected, constantly..

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Connectors Line in Microphone in Front speaker output Surround speaker output S/PDIF digital out or Center LFE MIDI/joystick interface Compatibility General MIDI MPC3 Plug & Play Sound Blaster™ PCI EAX™ 1.0 and 2.0 game compatibility Microsoft DirectSound™ Microsoft DirectSound 3D™ and derivatives PCI 2.1 MPU-401 UART Packing Details Box Dimensions: 320 x 215 x 60 (mm) Gross weight of retail pack: 0.34 kg Products per Mastercarton: 5 Products per Pallet: 360 PSC 605 Soundcard PSC 605 Soundcard PSC 605 – 5.1 Channel Multimedia Soundcard Feature Name Sound Agent 2 Visual Sound I..

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