Lenovo Thinkcentre Edge 71z (usa/canada) 無線 Lan アダプターをご使用になる場合の注意 Manual Japanese

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Download Lenovo Thinkcentre Edge 71z (usa/canada) 無線 Lan アダプターをご使用になる場合の注意 Manual Japanese

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Preinstalled wireless LAN adapter - Page 1

ThinkCentre Regulatory Notice About this manual This manual provides information about the regulatory notices for Lenovo® personal computer ThinkCentre® Edge. Read first — regulatory information Read this document before using your computer. This computer complies with the radio frequency and safety standards of any country or region in which it has been approved for wireless use. Install and use your computer according to the following instructions. The latest Regulatory Notice has been uploaded on the Web site. To refer to it, go to http://www.lenovo.com/support, and click User's guid..

Preinstalled wireless LAN modules - Page 2

Preinstalled wireless LAN modules FCC ID location If you find one of the following indications on the label at the bottom side of your computer, your computer contains a Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Card, preinstalled by Lenovo®: • "Contains Transmitter Module: FCC ID: PD9112BNHU" • "Contains Transmitter Module: FCC ID: QDS-BRCM1053" Use of the wireless LAN adapter Attention: You are prohibited to replace the preinstalled Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Card modules with any other card. If one of your cards requires replacement, send your computer with the preinstalled card(s) to Lenovo..

Preinstalled wireless LAN adapter - Page 3

Canada — Industry Canada (IC) IC Certification number Approved wireless devices This section presents the IC Certification and model number of each wireless device. Preinstalled wireless LAN adapter • Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Card IC: 1000M-112BNHU (Model: 112BNHMW) • Wireless LAN Mini PCI Express Card IC: 4324A-BRCM1053 (Model: BCM943227HM4L) Note: PCI Express Mini Cards for a wireless LAN marketed in the USA and Canada do not support or function in the extended channels (12ch, 13ch). Preinstalled wireless LAN modules Use of the wireless LAN adapter: If you find one of the follo..

Attention: - Page 4

The maximum antenna gain permitted for devices in the 5250-5350 MHz, 5470-5725 MHz, and 5725-5825 MHz bands complies with the e.i.r.p. limit in section A9.2 of RSS-210. When you use a wireless LAN adapter in the 802.11 a/n transmission mode: • The devices for the band 5150–5250 MHz are only for indoor usage to reduce potential for harmful interference to co-channel Mobile Satellite systems. • High power radars are allocated as primary users (meaning they have priority) of 5250–5350 MHz and 5650–5850 MHz and these radars could cause interference and/or damage to LELAN (Licence-Exem..

Bluetooth - Page 5

Émetteur Bluetooth intégré préinstallé • IC: 4324A-BRCM1053 (Model: BCM943227HM4L) Si la mention “Contains Transmitter Module: IC: 4324A-BRCM1053” figure sur un étiquette située sous l’ordinateur, cela signifie que l’ordinateur utilise un émetteur Bluetooth. L’émetteur Bluetooth est préinstallé par Lenovo et ne peut pas être retiré par l’utilisateur. S’il doit être remplacé pendant la période de garantie, l’opération doit être effectuée par un prestataire de services agréé par Lenovo. Remarque relative aux appareils de communication radio de faible pui..

Electronic emission notices - Page 6

Electronic emission notices Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Declaration of Conformity Note: The compliance of the FCC Part 15 Subpart B for models BCM943227HM4L and 112BNHMW was proceeded by certification, thus the FCC ID QDS-BRCM1053 and PD9112BNHU, respectively, includes compliances of Part 15 Subpart B and C/E. This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This equipment gene..

Industry Canada Class B Emission Compliance Statement - Page 7

Industry Canada Class B Emission Compliance Statement This Class B digital apparatus complies with Canadian ICES-003. Avis de conformité à la réglementation d'Industrie Canada Cet appareil numérique de la classe B est conforme à la norme NMB-003 du Canada. Trademarks The following terms are trademarks of Lenovo in the United States, other countries, or both: Lenovo® ThinkCentre® Other company, product, and service names may be trademarks or service marks of others. 7


8 - Page 8



First Edition (May 2011) - Page 10

First Edition (May 2011) © Copyright Lenovo 2011. LIMITED AND RESTRICTED RIGHTS NOTICE: If data or software is delivered pursuant a General Services Administration “GSA” contract, use, reproduction, or disclosure is subject to restrictions set forth in Contract No. GS-35F-05925. Printed in USA (1P) P/N: 0A94260 *0A94260*


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