Asus Pei-10g/82599-2s Computer Manual

Asus Pei-10g/82599-2s Computer Manual

  • Company : Asus
  • Model No: PEI-10G/82599-2S
  • Model Type: Servers & Workstations
  • Added Date: 2017-04-08 22:08:51
  • Specification: Asus PEI-10G/82599-2S Specs
  • Description: PEI-10G/82599-2S User Manual Computer Servers & Workstations , Asus PEI-10G/82599-2S Servers & Workstations User Manual in Chinese, English, , , Download Link For Asus User Manual PEI-10G/82599-2S Servers & Workstations. Asus PEI-10G/82599-2S User Guide.

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PEI-10G/82599-2S Language

PEI-10G/82599-2S Chinese Manual

PEI-10G/82599-2S English Manual

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  • Speed
    10 Gigabit/s Ethernet
  • I/O Ports
    SFP+ ; Dual Port
  • Controller
    Intel® 82599ES 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • Connector
    LC Fiber Optic
  • Module Type
    Supports SFP+ SR Optical Module, SFP+ LR Optical Module, Direct Attached Copper
  • Interface
    PCI-E Gen2 x8
  • Form Factor
    4.72”x 1.77”
    (Lower Than Standard Low-profile)
  • Cable
    Support Cable Type :
    SMF up to 10km (LR)
    MMF 62.5/50um up to 300m (SR)
    Passive Twin-AX up to 10m (SFP+ Direct Attach)
  • Features
    PXE Boot
    iSCSI Boot
  • Package Content
    1 x Full-height Bracket (Default)
    1 x Low-profile Bracket with Screws
    1 x Small Bracket(for Node) with Screws
    1 x Support DVD (per carton)
  • Note
    * All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

    *1 At 50℃ LAN card inlet temperature, the airflow through the heatsink requires 180 LFM or above.

    *2 Support ASUS Server and Workstation Motherboard/System :

    (1)Z10PE-D16 Series, Z10PH-D16, Z10PR-D16, Z10PA-D8 Series, Z10PA-U8 Series, Z10PE-D16 WS, Z10PE-D8 WS.
    ESC8000 G3, ESC4000 G3S Series, ESC4000 G3 Series,RS700-E8 Series, RS720-E8-RS24-E, RS720Q-E8-RS12, RS520-E8 Series, RS500-E8 Series, RS400-E8 Series, TS500-E8-PS4, TS700-E8 Series.

    (2)Z9PE-D16-10G/DUAL Series, Z9PE-D16 Series, Z9PH-D16 Series, Z9PR-D16, Z9PR-D12, Z9PA-D8 Series, Z9PA-U8 Series, Z9NR-D12, Z9NA-D6 Series, Z9NH-D12, Z9PE-D8 WS.
    RS700-E7 Series, RS720-E7/RS24-EG, RS720-E7/RS12 Series, TS700-E7/RS8, RS720Q-E7/RS12 Series, TS700-X7/PS4, ESC2000 G2.
    ** Ensure to update BIOS to the latest version before using this card.

    (3) P9D-E/4L, P9D-C/4L, P9D-MH Series, P9D-M, P9D-MV, P9D-V, P9D-X, P9D-I, P9D-IV, P9A-I Series.
    ** Ensure to update BIOS to the latest version before using this card.

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