Philips Sgc5101bd/17 Computer Manual

Philips Sgc5101bd/17 Computer Manual

  • Company : Philips
  • Model No: SGC5101BD/17
  • Model Type: PC gaming
  • Added Date: 2017-04-09 15:19:41
  • Specification: Philips SGC5101BD/17 Specs
  • Description: SGC5101BD/17 Quick Start Guide Computer PC gaming Manual , Philips SGC5101BD/17 PC gaming Quick Start Guide Manual in Latvian, French, Dutch, Greek, Norwegian, Danish, Download Link For Philips Quick Start Guide SGC5101BD/17 PC gaming Manual. Philips SGC5101BD/17 User Guide.

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SGC5101BD/17 Latvian Manual

SGC5101BD/17 French Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Dutch Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Greek Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Norwegian Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Danish Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Finnish Manual

SGC5101BD/17 German Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Russian Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Spanish Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Portuguese Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Italian Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Estonian Manual

SGC5101BD/17 Swedish Manual

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Technical Specifications

  • Gaming effects

    Wall washer and controller
    • High power RGB LED array X 3
    • Devices inputs and outputs
    • Power on/off LED indicator
    Right light
    Low power RGB LED array X 1
    Left light
    Low power RGB LED array X 1
    Minimum system requirements
    • WindowsXP™ SP2 or higher
    • Pentium 4 1.4GHz or equivalent
    • 512 MB memory
    • 150 MB free HDD space
    • One free USB port
    • Data - USB 2.0 compatible
    • PC audio soundcard stereo out
  • Packaging dimensions

    14.1  inch
    14.6  inch
    11.5  inch
    Nett weight
    5.578  lb
    Gross weight
    8.488  lb
    Tare weight
    2.91  lb
  • Outer Carton

    23.4  inch
    15  inch
    14.8  inch
    Nett weight
    11.155  lb
    Gross weight
    19.087  lb
    Tare weight
    7.932  lb

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