Dell Optiplex 5055 A-series Tower Lühijuhend Manual Estonian

OptiPlex 5055 A-Series Language

Download Dell Optiplex 5055 A-series Tower Lühijuhend Manual Estonian

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Ühendage klaviatuur ja hiir - Page 1

OptiPlex 5055 Tower Quick Start Guide Kiirjuhend 1 Connect the keyboard and mouse Ühendage klaviatuur ja hiir 2 Connect the network cable — optional Ühendage võrgukaabel – valikuline 3 Connect the display Ühendage monitor NOTE: If you ordered your computer with a discrete graphics card, connect the display to the discrete graphics card. MÄRKUS. Kui tellisite arvuti diskreetse graafikakaardiga, ühendage monitor sellega. Product support and manuals Tugiteenused ja juhendid Contact Dell Delli kontaktteave

Funktsioonid - Page 2

Features Funktsioonid 1. Power button and power light 2. 5.25-inch internal bay 3. Optical drive (optional) 4. USB 2.0 port with PowerShare 5. Line-out port 6. Hard-drive activity light 7. Memory card reader (optional) 8. DisplayPorts 9. Headset port 10. Serial port 11. USB 2.0 port 12. PS/2 keyboard port 13. USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports 14. USB 2.0 ports (supports Smart Power On) 15. Expansion card slots 16. Power connector port 17. Power supply diagnostic light 18. Cable cover lock slot 19. Release latch 20. VGA port (optional) 21. PS/2 mouse port 22. Network port 23. Kensington security cable slo..

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